Route 59 Youth Ministry

What is the Route 59 Youth Ministry Collaborative? This collaborative consists of the Youth Ministry programs of Immaculate Conception in Ravenna, St. Patrick Church in Kent, and the University Parish Newman Center (UPNC) located on the campus of Kent State University. Our respective communities recognize that Youth Ministry is an obvious place for our communities to collaborate. Combining ministry, catechesis, and service in grades 9-12 is a natural outgrowth of what our young persons have already experienced in the past with our combined Confirmation celebrations.

Why should I (my child) participate in Youth Ministry? High school is an exciting time in life, full of possibilities and new experiences. But let us be honest; it is also a time of searching and sometimes, of struggle. Jesus is there with you in all of that, ready always to comfort, console, and help you to be the best version of yourself. Who would not want to know more about your generous God, about using your special gifts from the Holy Spirit, and about the Son who loves you even more than life? Youth ministry gives you the opportunity to do that, surrounded by good friends (those you know and those you have yet to meet!), while having some fun and making a difference in our world.

What happens at Youth Ministry Meetings? In many ways, that depends upon you! What are your interests? What are your questions about God? Ever feel like God is absent or does not exist at all? What are your concerns about everyday life? How can faith help you navigate your journey through life? Our regular meetings will include prayer, time devoted to planning upcoming service and social activities, a spirited discussion and activity addressing the topic of the evening, and of course, food!!

When does the RT59YM meet? Recognizing the many demands on our high schoolers time and the challenges that these demands place on your family life, we are aware that any time we choose will be inconvenient for some. We have selected Monday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm to be our regular meeting time. We realize that this may pose some conflict with sports and school activities, but matches, games, and concerts rarely take place on Monday evenings. Of course, not all Youth Ministry experiences can take place on a Monday evening. As you assume ownership of RT59YM and help determine the activities of the group, we plan to add additional events on various days of the week. Being respectful of your limited time availability, our plan is that on the Monday following an additional event, we will not meet. Also, we will not meet on Federal Holidays or during school breaks.

Where are meetings held? Meetings are usually held at University Parish Newman Center. We do want to move both the meetings and the activities around to the other parishes, especially for our Ravenna students, so all students feel that this organization belongs equally to all three parishes.

Who are the team members? In addition to Ms. Carol Wallington at St. Patrick, the directors of religious education from the other parishes, Mrs. Eileen Edwards at IC and Mrs. Carmen Roebke at UPNC, make up the professional staff. Also participating are members from each parish, including some college students, who are committed to Youth Ministry and our High School Students. All adults working in this program have completed training and meet the requirements of the Diocese of Youngstown Child Protection Policy. We are always looking for more adults to help us keep this ministry vibrant so if you (parents) want to help or even volunteer as chaperones, please reach out to your parish DRE.

How can I find out what is happening? Visit our Facebook Page and Instagram Route 59 Youth Ministry: our handle for both is @RT59YM. We also have an email: