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Monthly Archives: July 2019

July 28, 2019 – 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Prayer is not a magic lamp that we rub to get whatever we want, but instead is our patiently asking God to help us to trust in whatever God wants for us.” by Fr. Rick Pentello

July 21, 2019 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Jesus reminds us that we are to do all our acts of service with love in our heart.” by Fr. Rick Pentello

July 20, 2019 – Celebration of Fr. Rick’s 40th Ordination Anniversary

“Jesus calls a pastor to be both a coach and a symphony conductor.” by Fr. Rick Pentello

July 14, 2019 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“If we think Jesus’ Good Samaritan parable was to teach us simply to be kind to strangers, then we’ve missed the heart of his message.” by Dn. Tim DeFrange

July 7, 2019 – 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Jesus calls every Christian to do the work of a disciple. We all are to be missionaries.” by Most Rev. Dennis Panipitchai, the Auxiliary Bishop of Miao Diocese